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Panic Hardware & Crash Bars

Maintain code compliance with panic hardware and crash bars

Panic Hardware & Crash Bars Installation


A panic hardware, also known as an emergency exit device or EED, is a safety feature that will automatically open the door in case of fire or other emergencies. It can be installed on any type of door, including interior doors, exterior doors, garage doors, etc.

A panic hardware is a must-have for every home! In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can install to protect your family from harm.

The main reason we recommend installing a panic hardware is because it’s a simple way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe during an emergency situation.

If there was ever a time when you needed to escape quickly, a panic hardware would come in handy. When you have a panic hardware installed, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll find the right key, or if you’re going to lock yourself out of your house.

You simply press a button, and the door opens immediately. This means you won’t have to spend precious time looking for the right keys, and you won’t have to worry about locking yourself out.

The price of a panic hardware will vary depending on brand, make, and type. There are several types, but as expected of any commercial product, the standard ones will cost less than premium brands, but it comes at the cost of quality, features and durability. So if you are budget conscious, it’s just a matter of choosing ones that are in the middle, which are not as expensive as premium brands but has better quality than budget makes.

No, you don’t need to replace your existing locks. panic hardware works with many different types of locks, including deadbolts, mortise locks, and even cylinder locks. You should always consult with your local professional installer before making any changes to your home.

Yes, you can install a panic hardware by yourself. However, it’s recommended that you hire a professional installer who knows how to properly install them. If you choose to install a panic hardware yourself, you may damage the mechanism, causing it to malfunction. Additionally, you could end up spending more money than necessary.

Maintain Code Compliance with Panic Hardware and Crash Bars

One of the most import­ant things a business owner can do is have a locksmith install an exit device on any exit door. They’re designed to provide emergency egress for both employees and customers, so it’s important that they be installed and operating correctly 100% of the time. We can fix or replace any exit device at any door and can even provide pivot hinge replacement, with full confidence that it will operate properly every day and comply with fire code safety regulations.

We’ve been providing commercial locksmith services for decades, and we’re proud of the quality of our work and the excellent customer service we provide. Whether you need an emergency exit device, crash bar or other door service, Locks Around the Clock is here to help.

Understanding Panic Hardware

A panic hardware is a small electronic device that allows you to unlock your front door from inside your residence. It consists of two parts: a control unit and a sensor. The control unit is usually mounted near the top of the door frame, while the sensor is attached to the bottom of the door. When activated, the sensor sends a signal to the control unit, which then unlocks the door.

Types of Exit Devices

There are three main types of exit devices available today: magnetic contact sensors, push buttons and pull handles. Each one offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Magnetic Contact Sensors

Magnetic contact sensors (also known as “mag-sensors”) consist of a metal plate and magnet embedded within the doorframe. When someone pushes against the door, the metal plate moves away from the magnet, allowing the lock to open. These sensors are generally inexpensive and easy to install, but they require constant maintenance. They also tend to wear down over time, requiring replacement.

Push Buttons

Push buttons are similar to magnetic contact sensors in that they use magnets to detect movement. But instead of using a metal plate, push buttons use a spring-loaded button that opens when pressed. This type of sensor is less expensive than a mag-sensor, but requires more maintenance because the button must be cleaned regularly to ensure proper operation.

Pull Handles

Pull handles are another type of sensor used for exit devices. Similar to a handle on a cabinet or drawer, these sensors allow users to open the door without having to touch the actual door. A pull handle works by pulling a lever, which activates the sensor and causes the lock to open. There are many different styles of pull handles, including those with levers, knobs and even wheels.

Whether you’re looking to replace hardware or frame in your existing office or building a new one, we have your back! We secure all points where people enter and leave your building, ensuring your doors are fitted with high quality locks so you can focus on installing new ones for your business.

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