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Door Closer Replacement Palm Desert

Replace or repair broken door closers for residential or commercial properties

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Door Closer Repair, Replacement & Installation Services

There are many different kinds of door closers, from surface-mounted to concealed. Automatic door closers may also be mechanical or electronic. Whatever the problem that your door has, we can fix it for you. We offer:

  • Door Closer Repair
  • Door Closer Replacement
  • Door Closer Installation

We’ve installed and repaired hundreds of doors and received plenty of training on installing them correctly. We also keep many doors openers with us, so we can install new ones on the fly if one gets broken.

We Service All Kinds of Door Closers

All door closers tend to have one main purpose, which is to keep a door closed. But they can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. There are also six common different types and knowing which one you have can help when it comes to finding out what the problem is. These six different types consist of:

  • Traditional
  • Modern with removable covers
  • Modern without cover
  • Concealed in door
  • Concealed in frame
  • Concealed in floor

Aside from the types of door closers, there are also different types of door closer arms available. Knowing the type of closer arm is important because they all serve a difference application, even though they all perform the same action of facilitating the door closer’s main functionality. There are four different types of door closer arms available:

  • Hold-Open arms, which prevent the door from closing physically
  • Dead-stop arms, which rely on a built-in back check that protects against swinging the door too far
  • Spring-stop arms, which is similar to dead-stop arms but rely on a built-in spring
  • Heavy-duty arms, as the name implies, this type of door closer arm is designed for areas with high winds or high traffic. It helps prevent the closer arm from breaking down due to overuse or heavy force.

Hydraulic Door Closers and How They Function

A hydraulic door closer is a device that helps to close a door automatically. It consists of a closer body, which is usually made from aluminum or cast iron. The door closer body, in turn,  contains the rack and pinion design as well as the internal spring. 

Opening Cycle

The arm spindle is located at the lower part of the Pinion Gear, where the door arm is attached. The pinion gear meshes with the rack gear, sitting perpendicular to it. The rack gear is positioned directly next to the spring. Upon opening of the door, the spindle and pinion assembly starts to rotate and cause the rack gear to start sliding towards the spring, leading to compression.

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Closing Cycle

The door closer has several components that work together to open and close the door including a spring, rack gear, and pinion gear. However, the door closer also has a hydraulic component that regulates the door closing speed or dampens the closing.

How it works is when a person enters through the door, the spring decompresses and pushes the rack gear back to its original position. This in turn causes the arm spindle to rotate back, which ultimately causes the door to close. The hydraulic component of the door closer controls the speed of the door as it closes or slows down the closing action. 

Common Reasons for Door Closer to Develop a Leak

Defective O-Ring Seals

Hydraulic fluid is transferred between both sides of the rack gear via tiny channels. These channels are then attached to a hex key and screw type valve that has an O-Ring. If the O-Ring becomes damaged or compromised in any way, the door closer body won’t be sealed anymore as a result and hydraulic fluid will start to leak out from the valve.

Improper Adjustment

The two valves on a commercial door closer help to regulate the closing or sweep speed and the latch speed, respectively. To make adjustments, only rotate the hex key a quarter to an eighth of a turn at a time for best results. 

Negligence during installation

Things like unscrewing the valves all the way is one of the most common reasons for oil leaks. Unscrewing them too far will cause oil to immediately leak from the channels.

Backcheck Valve is Closed Completely

The backcheck valve is responsible for the opening speed of the door closer during the 75 degree to 90 degree opening range. It’s very important that the backcheck valve is never closed all the way because if it is, the door closer will not be able to fully open. This will put too much pressure on the backcheck seal and could damage it.

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Door Closer Replacement Services FAQs

If your door closer is not closing the door completely, it may be defective or damaged. You can test this by opening and shutting the door several times to see if the door closes completely. If you find that the door does not close all the way, then it is time for a new door closer.

Replacing an old door closer with a new one usually costs between $100-$200 depending on how many parts are needed. The price of replacing a door closer depends on the model number of your door closer.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a door closer is the warranty. Make sure that the manufacturer offers a warranty for at least two years. Also make sure that the door closer comes with instructions so that you don’t have any problems installing it.

You definitely need a professional to install your door closer because they have the right tools and knowledge to get the job done correctly. A professional will also ensure that the door closer is installed correctly and securely.

Yes, you can use a different brand of a door closer as long as it meets the same specifications as the original door closer. However, you must follow the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

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