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Most file cabinet locks control a single lock assembly for the rest. When opening the file cabinet, the lock assembly unlocks all the other drawers too.

Individual file cabinets that lock individually and not as a group usually work by a cam or lever on the back of the drawer that rotates into a closed or open position when a key is inserted.

You probably haven’t given much thought to what kind of locks are on the file cabinets in the office. Unlocking a file drawer happens quickly and requires no effort. File cabinet locks can be simple pieces of equipment, but there is often more than meets the eye.

A file cabinet lock serves an important purpose of protecting office papers and supplies, so having a high-quality lock to secure those items is essential. There are two main types of file cabinet locks. They’re called cam locks and electronic locks.

Every commercial locksmith is familiar and has experience dealing with these types of file cabinets. Over the past 15-plus years, we’ve seen every different type of filing cabinet lock.

Yes, but it is usually more prudent to just leave these things to professionals. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may end up breaking not just the lock but the file cabinet itself. Professional locksmiths like Locks Around the Clock can open a locked cabinet with minimal damage, ensuring that your entire cabinet will still be usable instead of going straight to waste.

Yes. Drilling works by unlocking most file cabinets because the lock has one keyed cylinder that unlocks the entire lock assembly. Once that lock has been manipulated to open, it opens the rest of the file drawers.

File cabinet keys are made specifically for the filing cabinets they came in. If the keys are missing and no one, including property managers or owners, has a spare key for the file cabinet, then opening the file drawer the traditional way isn’t an option.

Next, you need to either rig up your own tool to hack into the file cabinets or open the drawers and replace the file cabinet locks. If you don‘t feel comfortable doing this by yourself, you can always hire a locksmith to open file cabinets for you.

Professional File Cabinet Lock Services

All businesses need file cabinets for their documentation and organization of various files, documents, records, and receipts. These valuable documents usually need to be stored in a central accessible location. That means they need to be locked securely, but the locks must be easy to unlock by authorized individuals.

This is why it may seem like there’s not much complexity to the locks in a file cabinet in your office cubicle. It’s something that you just open and close day in and day out, every time you need it. But when you get locked out for some reason, it can be very frustrating. You can try breaking into the file cabinet on your own, but it’s always better to hire a professional locksmith like Locks Around the Clock.

Different Kinds of File Cabinet Locks

If you want to know which type of lock your office file cabinet uses, then you need to start by knowing what kind of lock your office has. You may be able to get by without knowing what kind of lock you use, but if you want to open those files, you’re going to need the right tools. If you’re ever unsure about what you might need to get done, call a locksmith first.

Cam Locks

These locks feature a locking mechanism that uses a cam, tailpiece or latch to lock the door on the opposite side from the keyway. The cam catches on an inside edge of the drawer to prevent the drawer from closing.

It will also intersect any of the three types of drawer locks: hook-tail pieces, latches, or short or long cam mechanisms. You can change which kind of camera your file cabinet uses, however, you must ensure that it’s suitable for your needs.

Electronic Cabinet Locks

Your business may already be using electronic locks for filing cabinets or is looking to replace them during the filing cabinet lock installation process. You might be surprised to learn that file cabinet locks are widely available with most electronic locks.

These include electronic lock services such as digital combination locks, RFIDs, and fingerprint readers. If you want to change access protocols without having to worry about who might still have a key, then these types of locks may work well for your file cabinet security needs.

Physical locks may be more reliable because they have physical components, but file cabinet locks with physical keys can also easily be copied. Physical locks also need physical changes to invalidate existing keys, so they’re not just for security purposes. When replacing the locks on your file cabinets, consider these differences.

Breaking Into Locked File Cabinets

Drilling a lock won’t just open file cabinet locks without keys, but it will also unlock most broken locks. If you’re drilling the lock yourself, be careful not to damage the file cabinet or yourself by doing so. Locks can be drilled by an individual who has some experience with power tools. However, it is best left to a locksmith. 

Hire Locks Around the Clock To Unlock File Cabinets

Locking files in a safe place helps protect important business resources from theft and keeps them out of the hands of unauthorized personnel. If you’re having trouble opening those file cabinets, our trusted technicians are equipped to handle the situation.

We offer our services at affordable prices, so you don‘t need to know how cams and latches work within specific cylinder dimensions. You just need to call us. You can also leave your power drill alone and not damage any more of your file cabinets by dismantling equipment you don’t fully understand.

Our quality of service ensures your file cabinets open and close when you need them to. So your business can keep running efficiently.

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