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Commercial Lock Installation

Enhance your business security with commercial lock installations

Commercial Locksmith Services


There are a number of reasons why people require commercial lock installation.

Chief among these is property owners who just experienced a break-in. Another is business owners who want to enhance their building security by replacing old locks with newer ones. It can also apply to locks that are difficult to use and prone to breaking, and of course, there are also locks that are not very secure.

The best locks for commercial buildings are ANSI grade 1 locks. These locks can provide the best protection against intruders trying to brute force their way into doors. When it comes to door locks, those that rely on conventional cylindrical lever locks or electric strike locks work beset because they are not vulnerable to lock picking.

Many people are not aware that they have low-security locks. If you want to secure your commercial building, you need to do your research on different types of locks and their security. The most prudent course of action is to get the services of a commercial lock installation company like Locks Around the clock.

The time it will take for a commercial lock to be installed will vary, depending on the type of lock currently installed and the type you want to install in its place. Usually, the fastest it takes is between 20-30 minutes, but it’s not uncommon for jobs to take longer especially in edge cases when there’s damage or other problems that require more steps to address.

The locksmith we send will first examine what type of lock is already installed in place. He then removes it carefully to ensure that there is no damage done to the door, even if it means taking apart the lock piece by piece. Afterwards, they install the new, better lock and test it thoroughly to make sure it is working as intended.

Commercial Lock Installation

Sometimes your commercial building needs a new lock. It could be that you don’t have a very secure lock. Maybe it’s time for a new one.

If you need help with your locks, you can always call Locks Around the Clock. We are mobile service providers, so we’re never too far away and we can come to fix your lock as soon as possible.

It is essential that you have working locks in your commercial building Business theft is common; you must always be on guard. If your locks aren’t strong enough, you might have to deal with someone entering your business without permission and stealing things.

You can choose to replace your existing locks with the same brand or make, or upgrade your current security system. A reliable locksmith service will be able to tell what type of locks you currently have and replace them with new ones that are the same brand and make as the old ones. They also know how to install new locks, regardless of how complicated they are.

When Commercial Locks Need Replacement

Locks can be changed for any number of reasons.

The first reason is a break-in. After a break-in, replacing locks is highly recommended because this means that someone has been watching your business for a long time and knows its weaknesses and the best way to attack them. The locks could have also sustained damage during the break-in.

You may have recently fired an employee who still has access to your locks, compromising its security. Your locks might not be very secure and they might need a replacement. There are several ways to know how secure your lock is.

Determine your locks’ brand and style. Unfortunately, finding this kind of information can often be difficult. Look for a logo somewhere on the key, knob or door plate. If there is no problem with your lock, you can call Locks Around the Clock to assess its brand. A locksmith is equipped with the necessary tools and general knowledge to understand various types of locks.

Once you figure out what kind of lock has been installed, do some research. A grade 1 is considered high security, while grades two and three are not ideal for commercial applications. You can also look for lockpicking communities and see whether they describe your lock as easily bypassed. If you find that the security of your lock is low, you should replace it with something better.

The third main scenario when replacing locks is that your locks are too worn or old. You need to take care of your hair. It gets worn out over time, so you must be careful to keep it clean and well maintained. It’s just a normal part of a lock’s life cycle.

If your lock has trouble opening or has problems with the keys slipping in and out, check for signs of wear and tear. If you see any signs of wear and tear, replace your lock as soon possible. 

Risk Factors for Damaged Commercial Locks

Locks get worn out or damaged eventually, but you can tell when they’re ready for replacement by looking at some of these warning signs.

Pay attention to how your key is sliding into and out of the lock. The motion should be fluid and unobstructed. If a keyhole becomes warped, jammed, or otherwise damaged, the lock will become unusable, and you’ll need to contact us for professional lock installation services.

If your lock doesn’t use a key and is instead electronic or electromagnetic, check its age. These types of locks usually last around five year. Parts could start malfunctioning, jamming or not working at some point.

Pay attention to the movement of the deadbolt when turning it. This motion should be done smoothly and without much force. If your deadbolt struggles to lock, this could be a security risk. Of course, any unlocked door is a security risk.

If your electronic lock fails or operates inconsistently, you may want to consider replacing it. Make sure the lock is fail-safed, meaning it will unlock when it fails, or else fail-secured, meaning it will lock when it fails, and prepare accordingly.

If your workplace is located in a humid or salty atmosphere or experiences extreme temperatures, you should keep an eye on the condition of your hair. All locks eventually become weakened by environmental factors, but some are more resilient than others.

If you use a lock often, it’s more likely to get damaged. Make sure you keep an eye out for which ones are most commonly used in your place of business. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, look at the front door, bathroom, and office that are regularly locked and opened. You should also check other potential issues, such as those coming from a recent commercial mailbox change.

The Commercial Lock Installation Process

The locksmith will first examine the lock and gather any information he needs. They will review the issue and determine whether or not it is fixable without a lock replacement.They will then attempt to determine which lock they are working with, if any.

Once they know what type of lock it was before, they will figure out how the new one will be integrated into the existing system. If it is the exact same brand and make, then the locksmith won’t need to worry about the previous one. If the new lock is vastly different from the old one, the locksmith might need to adjust the door.

Then, the locksmith will take out the original lock. They will start by removing the screws from the door. After that, the lock repairman will remove the door knob, faceplate, and lock mechanism. If the lock is a deadlock rather than a doorknock lock, they remove the bolts and cylinders. After removing the strike plate, the locksmith will then remove the lock from the door frame.

Once all of the old parts have been removed, they will install new locks. They will first remove any debris from the surface. They will then install the new strike plate on the wall, and then the dead bolt, cylinders, and latch mechanisms will go on. The faceplate will go on top of the door, and the doorknobs will be installed. They will finally install the plates.

After the locksmith has finished installing your new locks, he will check them to ensure they’re working properly. If there are any problems, the locksmith will fix them and leave.

It is a very complicated process and can go wrong if someone who attempts it doesn’t understand the inner workings of a lock. You should leave it up to a professional locksmith.

How to Get Your Commercial Locks Replaced

Replacing your commercial lock with something more secure is an important step in security. Your place of business needs to be as ironclad as you possibly can.

If you want to know if your locks are secure or working and decide they need a replacement, then you can contact Locks Around the Clock. We provide mobile locksmith services. We’re always on the go and, as a result we’re never too far away. Replacing your commercial locks is extremely easy.

Commercial locksmiths like us provide the best service for commercial lock installation. We are the only company with the correct expertise and knowledge to replace locks correctly and without problems.

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