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Security Tips and Advice

As a professional residential and commercial Palm Desert Locksmithing service provider, it is our job to help our customers secure their homes, businesses and automobiles using state of the art techniques and equipment.

Often times in the field, we come across security threats that many people may not be aware of. Below is a list of general security observations and tips from our professional lock experts that can help you protect your belongings, identity, and properties!


Mailbox Security

We know that sometimes you just want to get something in the mail. You may have seen people attach outgoing letters to their personal locked mailbox for the postal worker to pick up. While this may save a few minutes, it may also result in many hours of hassle if that outgoing piece of mail includes checking account numbers which could easily be stolen. Identity theft is hard to resolve. We suggest finding an old-fashioned mailbox and taking the time to deposit your letter inside the slot, or stopping by the post office to mail it the old fashioned way. You just might find yourself contemplating whether you want to start a stamp collection, but we’ll leave that up to you.

Front Entryway

Residential Security

In addition to keeping lights on a timer as a security precaution, you may also want to keep a radio on a timer, too. In addition to seeing light, potential burglars may be deterred by the noise. Another good idea to have us swing by and help you assess potential security issues, so that we can secure your home for you. Good security is close by, as, with Locks Around the Clock technicians, whether you are in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, or La Quinta, we bring fast and reliable service to your door!

Boat Security

Boat Security

If you are purchasing a previously owned boat, it’s important to change out or rekey or replace your locks. Whether you have a little boat, a large yacht, or something in between, we can help provide you with appropriate locks, safes, or re-keys. As you head out onto the water, you'll be able to enjoy knowing that your boat is secure.

Dog Sign

Signs, Stickers, or Dummy Camera Theft Deterrents

Believe it or not, investing in some inexpensive theft deterrents can help to improve your home security in a big way. Simple things like putting a “beware of dog” sign on your side gate or a “Maximum Home Security” sign in your front yard can cause a burglar to skip your home when considering who to hit (even if you don’t have a big dog or state of the art system!). You may even try installing a dummy security camera by your front door if you want to take it a step further. All these things can be bought at your local home improvement store for relatively low prices.

Front Entryway

Moving Into a New Home or Apartment

Buying or renting a new place? If so, make sure that either you or your new landlord change the locks on all of the exterior doors before or soon after moving in. There are a number of legitimate reasons why someone might have a key to your new place, even before you do! Perhaps they were the previous owner’s/tenant’s cleaning lady, bug sprayer, family member or trusted neighbor. Either way, its just good practice to make sure that only you and the people you know and trust have access to your place of residence.

Combination Lock

Gardner or Other Weekly Worker Access

If you have a gardener or pool maintenance person that needs weekly access to your property then you know how important it is that they have access to it when they need it. For temporary access to your property, we always recommend using a combination lock over a keyed lock. Combination locks can be changed if for any reason you need to revoke access from a previous worker.

Spare Key

Keep a Spare Car Key in your Wallet or Purse

If you find yourself locked out of your car often and are getting tired of it, try leaving a spare key in either your wallet or purse. It might sound obvious but sometimes its those little things that can make a big difference!

Garage Door Entry

Lock Your Internal Garage Entry Access Door

If you leave your house by backing out of the garage everyday, odds are you probably don’t lock the door going inside when you leave. Most standard garages are much easier to break into than the rest of a locked property and if you leave that internal garage door open, a burglar can access your entire house. If you have a different key for this door, give us a call and we can rekey it so you can use the same key as the rest of your doors.

Church Security

Security Solutions in a Place of Worship

A place of worship sometimes overlooks the need for security. Currently, many houses of worship have expensive sound systems, as well as other electronic equipment and valuables of historic and religious significance. In addition, computers typically house information about donations, along with personal information about attendees. We are experts in this field and are more than happy to discuss security solutions for your place of worship.

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