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Business Safe Lockout

Locked out of your business safe? Locks Around the Clock can help you!

Business Safe Lockout Services


If you are 100% sure that your business safe is locked out, which means the key and the combination are working even with multiple tries, it is best to contact professionals. Locks Around the Clock can help you regain access to a locked business safe.

It can be difficult to provide an exact price, because the final prices will always be subject to various factors such as the complexity of the work and whether it is possible to salvage the safe or not. The important part is that Locks Around the Clock’s technician will not start with the work until you are made aware of the final cost and have agreed to the terms.

Our locksmith will always prioritize preserving the business safe, and will avoid even the smallest of damages. However, the really good business safes are designed to be tough and may require drilling in order to unlock without the key or combination. We can still cover the hole in the safe, but the security of said safe will already be compromised.

No. If you hire a professional locksmith from us, you can rest assured that the content of the safe will never be harmed. So be careful with hiring cheap, fly-by-night locksmiths because their methods might be unsafe for the contents of the safe.

It will vary, but a good range is anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes depending on the safe and whether the client will allow the safe to be damaged or not.

Types Of Business Safes

Different businesses have different needs, and they must consider the use case and safety of their employees when choosing a business safe. They also need to factor in weight and size, as well as the type of opening mechanism:

Electronic Dial

Electronic dials are also known as digital dials, and it is characterized by a keypad used to type in a combination. It requires a power source to function. 

Manual Dial

The most popular type of business safe is the manual dial, which uses a mechanical dial that can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise for entering a combination. 

Keyed Safes

There are safes that require an override key. These override keys are usually utilized in tandem with another opening mechanism, such as a manual dial or electronic keypad. These types of safes allow extra protection from lockouts because there is a way to open the safe without knowing the combination.

Root Causes of Business Safe Lockouts

There are numerous potential causes for business safe lockouts, and it is important to know which one is applicable in your case as this will make unlocking much easier and faster:


If the locking mechanism itself breaks, then the safe cannot be opened normally. You need a more destructive means of entry, which can be provided by a professional locksmith.


Sometimes a business safe will not work because there is something jammed in the bolt, which could be any number of things ranging from grime, rust, or debris. It can be cleared up by door lock lubricant and will be much easier to address.

Lost Key

Not all business safes require a key, but those that do are at risk of a lockout if the key is misplaced or lost. If it’s just a lost key and nothing is damaged, our locksmith can usually unlock the business safe through a number of ways.

Lost Combination

Some safes use a combination to unlock. If you forgot the combination, then you won’t be able to unlock the safe. 

Regardless of the root cause of the business safe lockout, your most prudent course of action is always to hire a professional locksmith such as Locks Around the Clock. We are open 24/7 and can deploy one of our mobile locksmiths to any location in Indio within an hour.

Addressing a Business Safe Lockout

There are a number of approaches to solving a business safe lockout, and a locksmith will use any one of them depending on the situation and with the client’s permission:


This is the most straightforward way and can open almost any safe. The caveat is that it compromises the safe, because even though the hole can be patched again, it will no longer be as secure as it was before the procedure. 


Some electronic safes have override codes that can be used to bypass a lockout. Locksmiths also ways to probe the bolt holes for ways to bypass the locking mechanism. It is important to note that most quality business safes are not prone to bypassing, for obvious reasons. 

Lock Picking

This is probably the method that is most popular to the average person who mostly worries about door closer replacement. This requires extensive knowledge and training, and it can be very situational. A lot of high end safes are not prone to lockpicking at all.

In a lot of cases, drilling is still the default procedure. Our locksmith will always explain to clients and ask for consent first before we use the drilling method, to make sure they are aware that the procedure can damage the safe. If there are safer procedures available, you can rest assured that we will try it first.

When you call Locks Around the Clock for our business safe lockout services, you get a quick solution for an affordable price. You also get the best assurance of quality and we stand by the results of our work. Call us now if you need our services.

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