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Protect your business with an advanced security access control systems from Locks Around the Clock.

Our Access Control System solutions include hardware sales, full installation, security consultations, RFID chip systems, digital access card systems and access system maintenance and upgrades.

Businesses face risks to their internal systems each day. You can be fully prepared to battle theft and break-ins with external security devices and hardware, but what about your internal security?

Access control systems are used to regulate who has access to some of your business’ most valuable assets, such as servers, safes, stock rooms, even IT assets. Locks Around the Clock specializes in commercial locksmith services that include installing, setting up, updating and testing electronic access control systems.  You can rest easy knowing that your business’ secured by state of the art equipment, installed by industry experts with years of experience.

Security access control systems installed by a professional Palm Desert locksmith company.

By having a certified professional install an access system such as a keypad lock, card reader or even intercom system you are not only protecting your business, but your peace of mind. These systems can ensure that only the people you trust most have the proper access they need to your business’ sensitive materials. Faster, more efficient and technologically more powerful than a standard lock and key, a new access control system will ensure your assets are protected.

You no longer need to worry about burglars, intruders, or other threats to your business’ safety. Locks Around the Clock will help keep your business safe under lock, stock, and key.

Locks Around the Clock strives to be your go-to commercial and residential locksmith as well as real estate and REO services. We proudly serve the Coachella Valley and the surrounding areas including Palm Springs and Palm Desert. If you are in the area or anywhere near our area of operations, do not hesitate to contact us!

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