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Electronic Lock Services

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Electronic Locksmith Services


The amount of time it takes to install or replace an electronic lock will vary depending on what the door’s original lock was. Typically, straightforward installations with no problems take 20 to 30 minutes.

It is hard to guess at why an electronic lock is not working, because they are complex systems that has more moving parts than conventional locks. The problem could be the battery, or it could simply be jammed. This is why it is important to get the services of a professional locksmith like Locks Around the Clock to troubleshoot your electronic lock.

Smart locks are just one type of an electronic lock. It means the lock can be unlocked with a wireless transmission device like a smartphone. The electronic locks that are not considered smart locks are usually less complex, like locks that use electromagnetic mechanisms or ones that use electric strike systems.

If you want the most secure electronic lock, you need to check their ANSI grade. Make sure you do your research, and find electronic systems that are still convenient without sacrificing security. If you need expert guidance, call us and we’ll help you choose the best electronic lock.

There is no need to replace the door. Locks Around the Clock’s technicians can make modifications to your existing doors in order to accommodate the new electronic lock, but these modifications are minor and will not require a new door system.

Electronic Lock Services

Locks Around the Clock provides a wide range of of electronic lock services to residents of Indio and nearby areas. We offer many types of electronic locks:

An electric strike uses an electrical current to move the lock between states of being either open or closed. The current is coming from the doorjamb and not the lock itself. The metal in the door frame are considered as the strikes.

Deadbolts operate by using electromagnets or servo motors. These mechanisms slide bolts into the doorframe, which prevents the door from being unlocked by anyone but the owner.

Most commercial buildings have magnetic locks, also known as maglocks. These locks stay locked even if an electrical current passes through them. When an emergency alarm sounds, the electricity shuts off.

Free exit through the unlocked doors is now possible without jeopardizing security during non-emergencies with these fail-safe locking mechanisms. Fail-safe locks require an electric current to open and will remain secure during a power outage.

One type of innovative electronic lock is radio frequency identification (RFID) locks, which use the mechanisms in items like item tags in retail shops and microchips in pets. These locks open with special keys and other cards.

A rarer electronic key is the passive electronic key. Passive electronic locks interact electronically with keys that are also electrical to use their electronic functions. These locks can be found in transportation, public safety and water utility companies, among others.

Any electronic lock can be activated using any method of inducing an electric current, including passive electronic locks and RFIDs. That means that you might be able to use a keypad, swipe cards, smartphone, Bluetooth, fingerprint scanner, or voice recognition to unlock your door. We offer electronic locks for any of these.

Electronic Lock Installation

You may want to replace your house’s pin tumbler locks or give your employees a password-based access control system. If you need electronic door locks installed in your door we can help. Our locksmiths are professional and efficient, and the service is always simple.

A locksmith will arrive at your home or place of business to fix your lock. They will begin the lock installation process by assessing the existing lock you currently have installed on your door. After making sure that the lock works properly, the locksmith will then try and figure out if there are any adjustments that need to be made to the door so that it can accommodate the new system.

Once the locksmith has assessed the situation, he/she will remove your existing lock. This process involves removing the various parts in the door, like the doorplate and handle, deadbolt, and striker. Depending on where the locking mechanism for the bottle cap is located, different things get unscrewed. It is usually either by the door knob or the dead bolt.

Once they’ve removed the old lock, they’ll perform any adjustments that may need to be made. The locksmith will not need to remove the entire door; he will just need to replace the lock. These changes will be as small as possible so they won’t be too disruptive.

After the locksmith technician has installed the new electronic lock, he will test it. The locksmith will take apart its components and put them back together again.

Once the installation process is complete and the new lock has been tested, the locksmith will check to see if everything is working properly. By now, your electronic lock service should be complete, and the local locksmith should be on his/her way.

Electronic Lock Repair

If your electronic lock needs repairs, Locks Around the Clock is here to help. You won’t be able to fix the lock if you don’t know the problem, which can be difficult because electronic locks are complex. There are numerous potential causes for electronic lock problems.

If your lock makes grinding and clicking noises, it is a sign that the lock is jammed. Locksmiths can sometimes fix it without taking the lock apart, but if there are faulty components or things blocking the mechanism, a disassembly may be required.

If turning the knob of the deadbolt does not produce results, it might be due to a bad spring. This will definitely require a disassembly so that the locksmith can tighten the spring or replace it. Sometimes the lock just doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t sound noisy at all and there’s nothing else wrong with it. This problem is often caused by a piece inside the lock becoming dislodged. There are also times when the problem is lack of power. Our locksmiths have enough experience to recognize these problems and provide a fix.

There are other possible reasons why your electronic lock may not be working properly. If you don’t understand what’s wrong with a business safe lockout, call Locks Around the Clock for help. 

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Locks Around the Clock offers electronic lock repair, maintenance, and installation services at affordable prices, our quality of service ensures your file cabinets open and close when you need them to. So your business can keep running efficiently.

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