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Smart Locks for the 21st Century House Owner

Have you ever went out to dinner or a movie with friends and second-guessed yourself on whether you locked your door? You might have already been in your bed wandering to sleep, but all of a sudden woke up and questioned whether you locked your door. Possibly you have experienced like numerous other a time …

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How To Make Your Front Door More Protected

Nowadays with all the burglary cases occurring all around the world, it has become essential that people make improvements in their level of house security. The main entry points of the home from where the trespassers can get within are the back and the front door. So make sure you choose only the most credible …

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Changing Locks

Changing Your Locks

Protecting your home and loved ones has become even more important in these modern times than ever before. Most homeowners invest in the most advanced and layered security systems imaginable, but sometimes even that is not enough. Often forgetting the simplest solution can make all that effort for naut. Ensuring your doors are locked is …

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secured home

Realtor Safety Tips

Locks Around the Clock is your professional 24-hour locksmith that provides services to residential and commercial clients. However, we also offer great real estate locksmith services as well! We offer re-keys, lock box installation, code cut keys, authorized pick opens and much more. Today we would like to provide our realtor clientele three great official …

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car theft

Car Theft Prevention

Theft of personal items happens every day. Unfortunately, one of those common crimes is the theft of vehicles. Automobiles have become one of the most important and valuable items that a household can have. For most individuals, they are essential for getting to and from work, for others they are essential just for general mobility. …

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turning safe dial

Proper Safe Storage

Purchasing a safe is always a good decision when it comes to keeping your valuables or valuable information secure. However, there is more to owning a safe than simply purchasing the first one you see on the shelf. You must consider additional factors that play in to where and how you will store the safe …

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replacing door locks

Locks Around the Clock: Your 24 Hour Locksmith

There is nothing quite like that sinking feeling of being locked out of your car after a long, grueling day of work; Or the misery of returning home from a late night out with friends and discovering you left your keys on the counter. What about that time you accidentally locked yourself out of the …

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Home Door Key Concept

Getting Your Locks Rekeyed by a Commercial Locksmith

I need to have my locks rekeyed. What does that mean? Simply put rekeying your locks means to change the key that works with that specific lock. This is accomplished by having a professional locksmith remove your lock, take it apart and replace the pins within the lock. The pins are the crucial mechanism used …

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