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Getting Your Locks Rekeyed by a Commercial Locksmith

I need to have my locks rekeyed. What does that mean? Simply put rekeying your locks means to change the key that works with that specific lock. This is accomplished by having a professional locksmith remove your lock, take it apart and replace the pins within the lock. The pins are the crucial mechanism used to open a lock and keys are usually configured to the proper layout of those pins to open the door. Rekeying and lock replacement are often confused since their purposes are quite similar. Again, rekeying involves only replacing part of a lock instead of changing the whole entire thing. This is a good protective service that any residential or commercial locksmith can provide.

An appropriate time to rekey your locks are when you move into a new apartment or home and want to eliminate the risk of a previous resident, or unknown party with a copy of the key, having access to your residence. This scenario is also a potential reason to have your locks changed if you would like to be even more secure. Rekeying your locks is also good if you want all your locks to match to a single key, that way you can limit the number of keys you carry and prevent any issues with duplicate keys. This can be useful for small business owners. However, to match a key to your locks you need to make sure your locks are all the same brand or have the same type of keyhole.

Rekeying your locks on your own can be quite time consuming and requires training, practice and expensive tools. Why not let a fast and certified professional do it for you? Locks Around the Clock is here 24 hours a day to serve you and provide the residential or commercial locksmith services you need! We proudly serve the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas including La Quinta, Palm Desert and Palm Springs. If you have locks that need to be rekeyed don?t hesitate to give us a call at 760-205-2136.

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