Changing Your Locks

Protecting your home and loved ones has become even more important in these modern times than ever before. Most homeowners invest in the most advanced and layered security systems imaginable, but sometimes even that is not enough. Often forgetting the simplest solution can make all that effort for naut. Ensuring your doors are locked is a big deal, and it seems like a no-brainer, but we all forget from time to time. Even if you double or even triple check to ensure your doors are properly locked, someone could still get in with an old key!

That simple factor alone is why changing your locks is an important way to ensure your home is secure and let you know who can enter your home. There are a few instances where it can be important to change your locks. Some of these options we are perfectly aware of, but never act on. Securing your home now can prevent larger problems later.

One of the biggest scenarios where you would want to change your locks is when you move into a new home or apartment. This may seem obvious, but not everyone thinks to do so. Changing your apartment or home?s locks can ensure the old tenants no longer have access, and make sure only you, your landlord, or your roommates are the only ones that can get in. If you move into an older home or apartment replacing locks can be critical as well. Old locks may become difficult to use over time and can pose a serious threat if someone decides to break-in.

What about if you lose your keys? Often residents who lose their keys will just replace the key they lost, but that has the potential to open your home to whomever finds the lost key! This is another simple scenario where you would just want to replace the locks in their entirety. If you find yourself losing your keys often it would also be beneficial to set up a system to ensure you can always keep track of them, such as a key holder in your wallet or keeping a spare with a family member or trusted friend.

Don?t wait to consult a certified professional! Locks Around the Clock and our team of expert technicians can change your locks quickly and efficiently so you can continue to live securely. We proudly serve the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas including Palm Springs, Palm Desert and La Quinta. Give us a call today, 760-625-7184. This locksmith is available 24 hours a day!


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