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Car Theft Prevention

Theft of personal items happens every day. Unfortunately, one of those common crimes is the theft of vehicles. Automobiles have become one of the most important and valuable items that a household can have. For most individuals, they are essential for getting to and from work, for others they are essential just for general mobility. A vehicle?s value, whether monetary or not, is precisely why thieves target them.? Vehicles can be stripped for spare parts or even used to commit other crimes. Now more than ever it is important to protect your vehicle just as you protect your home and family.

There are a few simple tools you can use with your vehicle to help deter or even prevent theft.

The first and primary tool is your vehicle?s car alarm. Luckily this tool already comes pre-installed with all modern vehicles. The sudden loud noise it emits is perfect for chasing off most thieves since they prefer to work quickly and quietly. However, even if your vehicle already has an alarm, it does not mean it is safe. Car alarms are so commonplace that most people have become desensitized to them, so they are not 100% likely to deter thieves. Other tools may be necessary.

Another useful tool may be a steering wheel lock bar. A lock bar is a convenient and compact tool that can be placed on your steering wheel to prevent it from being turned. This can usually deter a thief since its presence makes it a huge inconvenience for them to attempt to remove it. A brake lock is also an effective tool to prevent theft. Brake locks secure to the bottom of the brake petal so it can?t be suppressed. Thieves can?t steal your car if they can?t drive it away.

The final tool is quite effective and most modern cars possess one, a tracking device. Tracking devices are useful for determining your vehicle?s position via GPS if a thief manages to make off with it. Tracking devices are one of the most useful functions vehicles have these days and can be quite powerful when used with other tools. Some companies can even disable your car for you once they find out it was stolen, often causing thieves to abandon the vehicle. Sadly, older vehicles do not come with this function and it can be an expensive system to add to your car. Please research which tools would be most effective for you and your vehicle before you buy.

Locks Around the Clock is here to remind you that while it is good to lock criminals out of your car, be sure you do not lock yourself out by accident. If you end up locked out of your car be sure to give us a call at 760-205-2136. We are available 24 hours a day and service the Coachella Valley.

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