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Benefits of Access Control Systems

Owning and running your own business can be difficult, but protecting your business and its assets can be a full-time job as well.

Having a certified professional install an access control system can help you protect what is important to your business without adding extra hoops to jump through. Overall, access control systems are a more advanced and secure way to limit entry to the more restricted areas of your business, like stock & security rooms, your safes, server rooms or even whole sections of your building that contain exclusive information.

An access control system can add a whole new level of protection to your investments, plus there are many benefits that come on top of that security.

One of the primary benefits is employee turnover. There are always going to be times when an employee must leave your business or a key gets misplaced. Luckily with a card key access system it?s as simple as removing access or replacing that single card key without having to go through the trouble of replacing every?employee’s key. (source:?

Another benefit to access control systems is that they can be easily integrated to your pre-existing electrical systems like lighting or the heating and cooling systems. This can help minimize the energy you expend per month while still having a secure system in place.

If your business has stock with street value, such as sellable merchandise, you can use a keycard system to track who comes and goes from your storage rooms at any time of the day. This is also helpful in preventing stolen merchandise or identifying anyone who entered the room either after hours or at a time that you did not specify.

Does an access control system sound like something you would be interested in? Locks Around the Clock is your professional locksmith that specializes in installing, setting up and updating these systems. We are available 24 hours a day and proudly serve the Coachella Valley area including La Quinta, Palm Springs and Palm Desert. Call us today at 760-205-2136!