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Keeping Your Pool Locked and Secure

There is nothing to be compared with a pool on a bright summer day. Sitting under the scorching sun has proven health benefits like the creation of vitamin D, balancing blood pressure, boosting brain functions and muscle growth. We experience a good feeling by relaxing near the poolside by sipping lemonade and tanning. The cold water and its splashes while playing with friends or family will create only the best of memories.

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Pool Security

While going to the poolside along with children is basically fun. But after a while, your attention may be distracted from your heirs as you go deep in relaxing. Keeping a close eye on them will be difficult because of their childish nature. They will run here and there making the best use of that space while having a fun-filled environment. It will take only a few seconds to cause an accident if a responsible adult slightly loses sight of the young ones. Most tragedies take place in that fashion and for this sole reason, there must be advanced security measures in homes that have a pool.

Gates surrounding the pool with well-built locks and closed circuit cameras are few among the effective solutions. Take a look at the recommended security measures to be installed near the pool.

Make your investment on a standard pool fencing:

A single mistake on your part can draw injury or even death of your innocent child. Not only there would be a mental breakdown by such events but also you will be drenched into serious legal issues under law and order. By understanding the basics you may be able to identify the problem and prevent it from happening.

Besides erecting a fence around your pool, your interest should be around its safeguarding qualities. Pool fences can avoid unfortunate accidents by securing the place and preventing your child or pets from drowning.

Build a wall high enough so that your children cannot climb and that will restrict them from entering the area. The gate should have an automatic locking mechanism so that you can eliminate the risk arising from drowning.

It is good to check the premises regularly and fix any preventive measures to be taken. Children have a habit to sneak through small spaces at the blink of an eye.

It is recommended to build a fence surrounding the pool even if there is a backyard fence already. It is better to have an extra security layer.

Purchase a strong gate that could not be opened by shaking constantly or by kicking. You may use chains for better protection.

Emphasize on building a fence that is four to five feet tall. That will restrict your curious child from climbing the railing and rush off near the pool.

Add extra security to the pool fence:

The key to avoiding unfortunate events is by securing the fence with automatic locks. You can consider hiring professionals for this purpose also. Mentioned below are some of the pool security locks for your safety.

Magnetic locks:

Using magnetic locks will automatically close the gate in case you forget to do it. A metal gate with bars can prevent the toddlers or pets from creeping through it. You can also use meshed gates.

Pool gate latches:

It can increase security levels around your pool. These latches make an easy entrance for you while making it secured for the kids.

Locinox Security Knob:

It will ensure that little folks cannot go near the pool because the knob needs much strength to open.

Lockey Dual-Sided Push Button:

It requires locking from both sides and adds double security while entering the pool.

Keyless Lever Deadbolt:

Another sturdy and easy to use locking equipment that features a keypad located inside and outside of your gate making it the most secure lock. For professional installation call Locks Around the Clock today!

Use of alarms for added security:

Installing an alarm will prevent your child from entering the poolside and avoid drowning. The alarm will start buzzing as soon as someone attempts to open it. The alarm will provide you some time to reach the spot quickly.

A sophisticated alarm will send you notifications on your smartphone that there has been a security breach. You can place a wristband alarm on your kid’s wrist to know if the kid came in contact with water.

In conclusion:

Do remember that an expensive alarm may be impressive but never compromise them with gate locks, or latches, or the fence itself. The best alternative is to teach your children how to swim.