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How To Pick A High Security Lock

There are many different high security locks available on the market, whether that be a physical keypad lock, a keyless lock or a high security biometric security system. The best option will vary depending on what you need it for. If you’re looking to protect your belongings and valuables from theft, or are in a high crime area, you’ll probably want to invest in a high security biometric security device. However, a physical keypad lock is a good option if you’re looking for something that’s easy to use and will last a long time.

When it comes to securing your home or business, you want the best security device you can get. While there are a lot of different manufacturers of these high security locks, you want to make sure you choose the best for your situation. This blog is the definitive list on how to choose the best high security locks.

High-Security Locks Features To Look For

A high-security lock is certainly secure against burglars, but if you need a very particular kind of protection from what’s outside your home or business, then the best high-security locks are right around the corner. So as not to lose your edge against criminals, it is crucial to know what kinds of features each has so that you can appreciate their different types of security and be able to choose one that will help you keep out burglars altogether.

When choosing a home lock, bear in mind that you’re not going to need every single one of these facets for your new door hardware to be worth the investment, but the more of them that appear on your house’s new deadbolt or cylindrical keyless entry lock, the better protection for your property these locks will offer:

1. Complexity of the Lock Cylinder

When one is analyzing a door lock cylinder, one’s objective is to understand how complicated the lock can be in nature. The more complex the lock can be in detail, the harder it will be for a criminal to create and imitate their own personal key type device made out of a special material, or even open the door without permission.

Whether or not your locks are meant to be used covertly, you still want the person who is actually doing the picking effort to have a hard time taking it apart or figuring out how to get past it. The more complex your locks are, the fewer people will even try to figure out how they operate on their own. If you’re looking for an indoor entrance door lockset that isn’t meant be picked by any hacker, then a lever door lock may be just what you need.

2. Metal Content of Locks

When it comes to a heavy duty lock, the use of metal means better security. Some doors require parts to be removed in order to have the lock placed on it. “This leaves the door vulnerable around the hardware”. Metal contents are not just extended through buying products with metal content, but also through your choice of choosing a high-security lock as this will also provide added protection and ensure that your entrance has a high level of protection which is necessary for protecting specific valuable assets.

You can often tell the quality of a door lock by holding it in your hand. Make sure it’s not flimsy and does not have plastic components. Those will compromise any protection you get from the lock, which would be rendered useless if someone were to break through. It’s vital that all security measures are made with only one thing in mind – keeping you safe and secure when you’re away from home or during your long business trips!

3. Strength of the Bolt

There are several ways to design a door lock. One main element of these designs is the metal content with some locks featuring hardened steel bolts, whether they be able to stand up against bludgeoning attacks or twists and pulls used against the lock itself. Many of these types of bolts also have a level of flexibility when it comes to standing up to pressure under extreme conditions so as not to break in circumstances where brute force is used in attacking the lock.

The installation of heavy duty, high-rated locks in your home is perfect to deter a majority of would be attackers. They make a vandalism attack harder for the most determined thieves who may have access to tools such as power saws, but even then crafting together a device that can meddle with it’s mechanism will prove to be extremely time consuming and troublesome.

4. Anti-Drill Features

A locksmith will only break through a locked door if they know for sure the owner of the house has approved it. Unscrupulous characters who want to open locks for the fun of it will not have much luck with high security or relatively new locking mechanisms that include anti drilling features.

There are three important things you should look for in a high-security door lock. The first is the shear line which is protected by spinning plates that make it difficult for people to drill directly into the cylinder. Then there are two points you’ll want to think about: one being set screws and the other point being hardened steel ball bearing protection because both of these can be compromised if they are not reinforced properly!

5. Resistance to Bypasses

Even some of the strongest and most meticulous high-security door locks can be bypassed with specific additions or alterations to the actual mechanism. The best example of this is how certain euro cylinder locks have been altered by people so that in reality they provide more tricks than genuine security.

Skip picking is not the same as bumping. Bypasses are simpler methods of entry than picking and bumping a lock. A bypass exploits the lock cylinder’s vulnerability, rather than exploiting its complexity. In choosing your high-security product, make sure it has not been exploited by a vulnerability discovered generally by bypass artists who can show you how to beat the system – or if there has been an attempt by another brand to break into your company and steal your patent by simply updating their product without having to redesign its physical structure.

There are multiple different kinds of door locks for you to choose from, but there is not just one “best” option. You need to think about what your individual needs are and then purchase a lock that will help meet those specific requirements. While the door lock is certainly important, it’s only one of many parts of your overall security system. Overall security around the perimeter of your property remains highly important as well. It’s crucial to know that no matter which lock you decide on, it still needs to fit into the larger context of your overall security so make absolutely sure you install a high quality door lock that suits all of your own security needs!

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