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Safes: Types and Features to Consider

Safes are an essential part of every home. They keep valuable items safe and secure. They also provide protection against fire and theft. However, there are different types of safes available in the market today. Some are designed to store cash while others are meant to hold jewelry.

There are several factors that determine the type of safe that you should buy. These include the size of the safe, its capacity, and the materials used to build it.

This article will discuss the various types of safes available and their features.

Types Of Safe

The most common type of safe is a combination lockbox or vault. It has two doors: one for access and another for storage. The door with the keyhole can be locked from inside using a padlock. This makes sure that only authorized people have access to your valuables. You can use these boxes as long-term storage units.

A second option is a wall safe. Wall safes come in many sizes and shapes. Most of them are made out of steel and they usually have three compartments. One compartment holds small objects like keys, coins, etc., while the other two contain larger items such as documents, checks, credit cards, etc.

A third option is a floor safe. Floor safes are similar to wall safes but they are placed on top of the ground instead of being built into walls. They offer more security because they cannot easily be broken open by thieves.

Another popular choice among homeowners is a gun safe. Gun safes are specially designed to protect firearms. They are generally large enough to fit all kinds of guns including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and even assault weapons.

Other options include a strongbox which is basically a metal container that locks securely. Strongboxes are often used to store important papers and documents. Another option is a filing cabinet. Filing cabinets are ideal if you want to organize files according to categories.

Features To Look For In A Safe

When shopping for a safe, make sure that you look at some of its features before buying it. Here are some things to consider when choosing a safe:


Size matters! If you plan to put expensive items in your safe, then choose a bigger unit. Larger safes tend to cost less than smaller ones. Also, remember that the amount of space needed depends on how much stuff you intend to store in your safe.


How big do you need your safe? Do you just need something to store a few pieces of paper or do you require a place where you can safely store thousands of dollars worth of gold bars? Choose a safe based on what you need it for.


When storing money, you must ensure that your safe does not burn down after a fire breaks out.

Security Features

Make sure that your safe comes with high-quality locking mechanisms. There are many brands that sell safes with electronic locks. Electronic locks are very easy to operate and they prevent unauthorized entry. Other safety measures include deadbolts, alarms, and surveillance cameras.


Durable safes last longer than cheap models. Therefore, you get better value for your investment.


Does your safe allow you to reach everything without having to bend over? Is it possible to see through the glass windows? Can you remove the lid without lifting up heavyweights?


Price plays a major role in determining whether you should purchase a particular model. Remember that cheaper products may lack certain features compared to pricier versions. So, shop around until you find a good deal.


Choosing the right safe is crucial since it determines how well protected your belongings are. It’s best to consult professionals who know about safes so that you don’t end up making costly mistakes.

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