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Replacement for Transponder Key

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Replacement for Transponder Key Service in Indio, CA

Transponder keys are electronic devices that serve as an extra layer of security for your car, because it allows you to lock and unlock doors remotely. They also have added security features, such as the ability to keep track of your vehicle’s location. The catch is that they cost a little bit extra – which can be a problem if you lose it. To get a replacement for transponder key, you have to go to your dealership and pay extra for the service. This is not always feasible, especially if your dealership is out of the way.

The alternative is to get a replacement for transponder key through a reputable locksmith like Locks Around the Clock. You don’t even need to leave home to contact our locksmiths if you are based in Indio or nearby areas in the Coachella Valley. We have mobile locksmiths that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do All Cars Have Transponder Keys?

Most cars produced in the past twenty years have transponders as part of their anti theft measures. Remote control devices are also used with key less door systems for homes, garages and garage door openings.

Transponders utilize microchipped chips to send out a low level electromagnetic wave that can be picked up by a receiving device. These signals are then decoded into an electronic code that unlocks or opens something. Like key fobs, transceiver keys are often used with vehicle locks and home alarm systems, as well as unlocking garages and entryways.

With transponders for cars, when the driver inserts the key into the lock, the code stored in the transponders is transmitted to the receiver which is usually attached to the vehicle’s dashboard. If the codes match, the car starts when the driver turns the steering wheel.

What Makes Transponder Keys More Secure Than Conventional Car Keys?

Transponders can make cars safer because they’re harder to steal. A stolen vehicle equipped with a transponded ignition would not work if the driver didn’t know the correct code. Cars equipped with transponders are  more resistant to hotwiring—and easier to track down if someone steals them. A unique digital ID ensures that another car’s transponder key won’t work on your car, making it harder for someone else to steal your car.

Can Locks Around the Clock Help Me Get a Replacement for my Transponder Key?

You shouldn’t just assume that you’re out of luck when your transponders stop working. If you need a replacement transponder key, a new battery, or to have a new transponder programed, Locks Around the Clock, Inc. can help.

Our automotive locksmith services can make transponder keys for your car, either as a spare copy or a replacement for a lost/broken one. They use the same equipment used by auto repair shops to make duplicates of lost keys. They have the skills necessary to create a perfect copy of a lost or stolen remote transponder.

Transponder keys are typically cheap if we are just talking about the materials of the transponder key body, but they’re not always easy to replace due to the microchips inside the heads of the key fobs. This is why car dealers often charge a hefty premium for replacements – part of it is because of the difficulty of securing new microchips for your specific car, and part of it is to encourage car owners to be more careful with their transponder keys.

Microchips, stored inside the heads of key fobs, are expensive for any one to buy, including automobile dealers and locksmiths. Traditional key parts of the automotive device can be duplicated quite easily and cheaply. Without the microchip embedded within the key fob, you might be able to open the door or roll down the window. The engine of your auto, though, won’t start when the key is turned in the ignition. 

Can I Program a Transponder Key Myself?

As mentioned above, the actual material for the transponder key fob is irrelevant. What matters most is the microchip stored inside that give a transponder key its advanced features. This is not something that you can treat as a DIY project. Instead, you either need to go through the process of securing a replacement from your dealership or if you want a faster, and usually more cost-efficient process – get help from Locks Around the Clock, inc. 

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