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How Security Access Systems Work For Your Business

Security access systems are an essential part of any business. They allow people to enter and exit your building without having to worry about being locked out. If you own a business, chances are you use security access systems at least once a day.

But did you ever wonder how these systems work? In this article, we will explain how security access systems work and give you some tips on how to keep them running smoothly.

What Is A Door Controller And How Does It Function?

A door controller is a device that controls all doors in a facility or office space. The main function of a door controller is to open and close the doors automatically when someone enters or leaves the area. This can be done by using sensors installed inside each room or hallway. When a person passes through one of those sensors, it sends signals to the door controller which then opens the corresponding door for him/her.

The most common type of door controller used today is magnetic card readers. These devices read cards with information such as employee ID numbers, keys, etc., and send the data to the system via radio waves. Other types include infrared beam detectors, proximity switches, ultrasonic transducers, and others. Some even have built-in cameras so they can monitor who’s entering and leaving the premises.

Door Controllers Are Not Just Used To Open Doors

You may think that only opening doors is their purpose but there are many other uses for door controllers. One example would be controlling access to certain areas within a building. You could install a sensor near the entrance of a conference room where employees must swipe their badges before accessing the meeting area. Another good application is to control access to restrooms. By installing a door controller next to every restroom stall, you can ensure that no unauthorized personnel goes into the bathroom while guests are still present.

Another interesting feature of door controllers is that they can also act like alarms if something goes wrong. Most modern door controllers come equipped with motion detection technology. So if anyone tries to force his way past a closed door, he will trigger an alarm sound. Of course, you need to set up rules regarding what constitutes “forceful entry”. But this kind of protection is very useful because it gives you time to react and take action against intruders.

Why Do We Need An Alarm System At All Times?

An alarm system is another important component of any security access system. Its primary job is to alert you whenever anything suspicious happens around your property. There are two kinds of alarms available – audible and visual. Both serve different purposes. Audible alarms usually consist of bells, sirens, horns, whistles, etc. While visual alarms often involve flashing lights, strobe lights, smoke bombs, etc.

An alarm system should always be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you don’t want to rely solely on its functionality during normal working hours. Instead, make sure you check it regularly throughout the night. Even better, hire a professional monitoring company to do the job for you.

An alarm system should always be checked frequently. Make sure you know exactly what triggers the alarm and whether it has been triggered already. Also, find out why it was activated. Was it due to movement detected outside the perimeter fence? Or maybe it was triggered by smoke coming from a fire somewhere else? Knowing the reason behind the activation will help you determine what needs to be fixed first.

If you notice unusual activity happening around your property, call 911 immediately! Don’t wait until later to report it. It might not seem urgent now but it could become dangerous if left unattended. And remember: A burglar doesn’t care if you’re home or away. He just wants to get in and steal whatever he finds valuable.

What About Door Locks?

Most businesses require locks on their entrances. This prevents unwanted visitors from gaining easy access to the facility. However, locking all the doors isn’t enough. Many burglars prefer picking open unlocked doors instead of using tools to break down solid ones. Therefore, you need to equip each door with a deadbolt lock. Deadbolts are much stronger than regular locks. Plus, they prevent thieves from forcing their way through when someone inside opens the door.

A well-designed security access system consists of several components including sensors, door controllers, keypads, and more. These devices work together to provide complete coverage across multiple points of interest. The best thing about such systems is that they protect both your assets as well as your customers.

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