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Commercial Master Key Systems: Types and Features

Commercial master key systems are used in commercial buildings to provide access control. They are also known as building access control systems. These systems are designed to allow authorized personnel to enter a building without having to use a physical key.

A commercial master key system consists of two main components: the lock and the controller. The lock is installed at the entrance of the building and contains the keys. The controller is connected to the lock and allows the user to open the door using an electronic code.

Types of Master Key Systems

There are different types of commercial master key systems depending on the type of lock being used. Some locks are mechanical while others are electronic. Mechanical locks require a key to open the door whereas electronic locks can be opened using a code.

The most common type of commercial master key system uses magnetic cards or tokens that contain codes for opening doors. A card reader, which is usually located near the entryway, reads the information from the token when it passes through the reader. This data then goes into the controller where it is compared with the stored data. If there is a match between the two sets of data, the door will unlock allowing the person carrying the token to pass through.

Another popular method of controlling access to a building is by means of radio frequency identification technology. RFID tags are small devices containing microchips that store unique identifying numbers. When these tags come within range of a receiver they send out their number so that the device receiving them knows who has passed through the gate.

Features of Master Key Systems

This article discusses some of the features available in commercial master key systems including remote controls, wireless communication, biometric security, and more. It explains how each feature works and what benefits you may get if you choose one over another.

Remote Controls

One of the biggest advantages of commercial master key systems is that they offer users the ability to remotely operate the locking mechanism. The remote operation makes life easier because no one needs to carry around a set of keys anymore. Instead, all someone needs to do is press a button on his/her mobile phone or tablet computer.

Some commercial master key systems have built-in remotes that work wirelessly. Others need to be plugged into a wall socket before they can be operated. In either case, once the remote is turned on, anyone holding it can open any locked door simply by pressing a single button.

Wireless Communication

Most modern commercial master key systems include wireless communications capabilities. Wireless communication enables people to communicate with the system even when they are not physically close to it. For example, this could mean sending messages to other employees about upcoming meetings or giving instructions to workers during emergencies such as fire alarms.

Biometrics Security

Biometric technologies are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Many companies now rely heavily on fingerprint scanners to identify individuals entering their premises. Commercial master key systems often incorporate biometric sensors that read fingerprints to verify identity. Fingerprint readers are very accurate but they cannot always distinguish between identical prints. Therefore, many commercial master key systems combine fingerprint scanning with facial recognition software. Facial recognition allows an individual’s face to be scanned instead of just reading their fingerprint. The result is much better accuracy than traditional fingerprinting methods.

Facial recognition is especially useful in situations where only one employee should gain access at a time. For instance, a company might want to limit access to its offices to certain executives. If everyone had to present themselves for entry then there would be too much confusion and chaos. However, if only those executives were allowed inside, everything else could wait outside until the right person came along.

The best way to ensure that your business does not fall victim to fraud is to make sure that every employee uses the same password. This will prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to sensitive information stored online. Biometric technology helps businesses achieve this goal by allowing them to scan employees’ faces so that they know who has entered the office.

Security Cameras

Many commercial master key systems come equipped with cameras that record activity within the facility. When combined with video surveillance equipment, these devices help deter theft and reduce insurance premiums.

Video Surveillance Equipment

When choosing a commercial master key system, consider whether it comes with video recording capability. Video surveillance equipment records images and sounds over long periods of time. It can capture events happening far away from the camera lens. As well as helping security guards keep track of suspicious activities, video recordings may prove invaluable in court cases involving stolen property.

Remote Access Control

A number of commercial master key systems offer remote access controls. Remote access means that someone can operate the device from anywhere in the world. Most commonly, this involves controlling doors remotely via mobile phone apps. In some instances, however, remote access requires users to connect directly to the controller through a computer network.

Mobile Apps

A growing trend among commercial master key systems is the inclusion of smartphone applications. Mobile apps enable you to manage your entire system from any location. You do not need to have direct access to the controller itself. Instead, all you need is internet connectivity. With most smartphones, installing apps is easy. All you need to do is download the app onto your handset and follow the instructions provided. Once installed, you can view live footage or check out recorded videos.

You’ve got a bunch of keys hanging off your belt, and they’re getting lost. Imagine not having to worry about losing your keys anymore. With a commercial master key system, you’ll never lose your keys again. Just press a button and the doors unlock automatically. A commercial master key system allows you to open and lock doors quickly and easily. It’s perfect for businesses where employees need to come and go frequently.

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